The little cape made out of slag

Posted by ChristianA on 26 November 2017 in English (English)

Yesterday morning I went on a short bike trip. Since the mountainbike conditions are not very good at the moment, I took a ride on my cyclocross bike. As the temperature had been a few degrees below zero, the gravel roads were perfect (like sandpaper glued to concrete!) so the ride was very enjoyable.

The "Slag cape" in Stavsjö

I checked out a few paths and small logging roads that I had not mapped before. I also visited "Slaggudden" (meaning "The Slag cape") in Stavsjö. In lake Stavsjön it is a small piece of land that consists mostly of discarded slag from the ironworks that started in this village in 1666. The ironworks in this small village was the largest producer of cannons in Sweden, during the time of the Swedish empire.

Anyway, I tagged the place as "natural=cape", though it is not really natural.



Location: Slaggudden, Stavsjö, Nyköping, Södermanland County, Region Svealand, Sweden

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