Maps4Mac Beta 2!

Posted by Binary Alchemy on 24 March 2011 in English (English)

I haven't had as much time to put into this as I'd like, but the search syntax is much improved and things are generally better behaved than beta 1.

Changes to Maps4Mac:
* New search syntax, including the ability to limit a search to the current view. A full explanation can be found here:
* Support for LineString KML geometries, support for loading KMZ files
* Live track display when recording a GPS track.
* More informative error dialogs for searching and loading files.

Changes to OSM2SpatiaLite:
* Support for PBF files
* Fix not importing all amenity and building areas

Maps4Mac ( ) is an on demand offline map browser for MacOS 10.6. It allows you browse and search maps, load gpx or kml file overlays, track your position using GPSd, and generate gps logs.

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