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Diversification with OSM about 4 years ago

Yeah, you are right. I suggest we could add a new site which could then unify the currently existing sites. See also:

Balik kampung over 4 years ago

For editing GPS files, I wrote my own application. It is not very user-friendly. If you are interested, you can find some hints for the developer at and a more current version (also with some documentation on how to use it) at Actually, you could also edit your files in a "normal" text editor like Windows write, and remove a few entries - they all look like <trkpt lat="49.8789601587" lon="11.4358993806"><ele>512.97</ele><time>2013-10-26T16:08:52Z</time></trkpt> I.e they start with a <trkpt and end with a </trkpt>, and you see the time (in GMT).

And do not worry about mistakes: the biggest mistake you could do is: not contributing to OSM.

By the way, there is also an OSM forum at and also a sub-forum for the mappers of Malaysia at

Have a lot of fun! Bernhard

Balik kampung over 4 years ago

Selamat datang ke OSM! Upto there are not many local people engaged in OSM in South-East Asia. Most of the work is done by couch mappers from Western countries, who trace from Bing. Very good that you join us with your local knowledge. From Bing, we cannot trace road numbers/names, place names and all that stuff. That is a lot of work which is still to be done. And GPS traces are also very valuable, often the Bing images are a little off by a few meters. Could you please upload some of your gps traces to OSM and make them available for all of us? Thus we could "correct" the offset of Bing. During my next holidays (December), I'll visit Northern Malaysia, starting from Langkawi, and then go to Kedah, Ipoh, Cameroon Highlands, the jungle, perhaps also Southern Thailand. I hope I can contribute some 1500 km of good traces there after. Have a lot of fun! Regards, Bernhard

Flussgebiete Mitteleuropas about 5 years ago

Schöne Karte! Da kann man sich gleich mal ran machen, die unverbundenen Wasserläufe zusammenzubauen...