My 4 sessions journey 2019-10-03

Posted by BA-Zone59 on 3 October 2019 in English (English)

Hello Everyone! Good Day! Im John Christian E. Subido a BSA1-1 Student from Pup San Juan Campus, Here We have done 4 sessions of Mapping in CWTS and the First Session was a very clever day that time because it was my first time to learn about this mapping and it was a very interesting journey due to I like and love technology and at the same time learning on how ti map. Then I can say that spending time here is productive I enjoy every moment and as spending time and my day here instead of sleeping is worth it. I think it is relevant for us students not just a BSA student but being student because in the future as a Citizen working in establishments and entering Job industries I think having Expirience mapping help us a lot and gave us more and deeper knowledge to undestand the roads and the map. And now last session my Favorite Activity is that Doing my own account in mapphilary hahahahah! because for me its a way of owning a account ang having those scores and competing to others haha its so much fun and yes! I do have fun and enjoy mapping :) then Lastly I would like just to say that the teachings and the facilitators are doing such great and you know what? Doing this mapping is that I didnt Felt the difficulties why? because the facilitators and the professor are kind, have a lot of patience and they dont even put preasure that can knock your butt off instead they make you feel that you can do it and it was a nice way to learn because for me it is easier to learn when teachers never put on preassure on you and motivates you that you can do it and you can catch up to others.. So as this is my or our last day Its a GoodBye!!! :) I cant say any improvements because I think everyting is great and runs smoothly and I just wanted to say that Im very Thankful to have this opportunity and its been a great great journey to learn! 10/03/2019 :)

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