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An open database of inconsistent edits observed on OSM from OSMCha

Am not sure of a good solution here, but would be very appreciative of hearing what you think.

Filter fully contained within the bbox would not be enough, just consider a long power line. It wouldn’t be matched.

“display the overall area covered by a changeset” wouldn’t help in my case. I wouldn’t know if it affects objects in my area or not until I open and review it.

Afaik maps the object of each changeset to a quadtree / tiles, which it uses then to query for the rss feed. Maybe you could get in contact with the author(s?) to figure out more?

An open database of inconsistent edits observed on OSM from OSMCha

The reviewed changesets were from random places on the map and are not specific to any place. For area specific filtering we can take advantage of bbox filter in OSMCha or filter manually as the CSV contains the bbox information for each changeset.

The problem with the bbox approach is that a simple bbox matching always includes changesets that have a overlaying bbox without edits in the specified area, e.g. world-wide edits.

Let us know your thoughts, how this can be taken forward and share with us your insights to improve feature level detection.

I’m reviewing (almost..) every single changeset in areas I’m actively mapping. My current workflow for that review is that I have subscribed to several rss feeds from Then I open the new changesets and review them with achavi.

I think I could replace that workflow with OSMCha if the bbox matching would be better. It would be great if users could save their custom filters and see in an overview how many “new” changesets there are per filter (both suspicious & all, being not verified).

Short history of name editing in MAPS.ME


it seems to me that Maps.Me users are encouraged too much to supply localized names, even when localization wouldn’t be needed. A good recent example (created yesterday with 6.4.3) is and also a lot of other created nodes in that changeset. Maybe additional name:* tags could be ignored when saving to OSM if they are equal with the name tag?

Also, when I edit a node in the app the name tag is visible in black color for multiple languages - as you described with “First, all empty name fields for local languages and English are pre-filled from the “name” tag.”. I think it would be easier to understand that these additional / empty fields are populated from the name tag if they wouldn’t be in black but instead grey.

How new HOT mappers can help with the validation process

Additional to adding missing data (roads, buildings, ..) I think beginners should also use the “invalidate” button if they see many features missing in a “completed” task. In the recent Ecuador jobs there were lot of tiles marked as done, but only a few buildings had been mapped. Immediately after I invalidated these they had been picked up from other mappers and sometimes I couldn’t even lock the task again for splitting it.

Missing Maps in South Sudan: An Interview with an MSF Epidemiologist


regarding the communication between the field aid workers and remote mappers: is the local knowledge you gathered somehow transferred back? Maybe you want to take a look at the region in openstreetmap and edit the map with your local knowledge?