Hi friends. I am from Puerto Armuelles and I like some spatial data useful for to work in my little town.

Location: Buena Vista (Spanish Town), Monte Verde, Puerto Armuelles, Distrito Barú, Chiriquí, 0406, Panama

Comment from Humberto_Yances on 30 October 2012 at 11:29

¿Do you have a GPS avaible?

Comment from Sanderd17 on 30 October 2012 at 17:57

As you do not have areal images in your regions, you will have to use the old GPS methods (I’ve used that too, but it’s a while ago).

You go out with a GPS that’s able to save a track log, on smartphones, there are usually track log apps you can install (like osmtracker for Android).

When you come home, you upload the GPX track to OpenStreetMap (see here: ) and you can start editing.

You should see a blue line where your GPS tracked you. If you remember where you walked, you can draw streets over the blue line, and give them the right names etc.

To get a better explanation, look at the beginners guide:

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