Big Limerick classification clean-up

Posted by AndrewMcCarthy on 25 April 2008 in English (English)

Starting from a post on the talk-ie list about the old N7 in Limerick, I began picking through the data and remarking it as the R445. As I was going along, I noticed junctions with other roads, and thought I'd check them too. And then I checked what was attached to them...

In the end, the list below is what I updated:

∘ Fixed Old N7 to R445
∘ Fixed N20 route into city, still unsure within city (think it's okay)
∘ Added R509 (half of Childers Road)
∘ Added R510 (first half, suspect the other half is on the map, but not enough data to be sure)
∘ Added R526 (old N20) within Limerick
∘ Added R527 (old N24) within Limerick
∘ Corrected start of R463
∘ Added R857 (Ennis road)
∘ Added R858

Limerick still needs lots of work! If anybody is living down there (I don't) please, in particular, mark the one-way streets if you can. The Osmarender maps should update soon.

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