I have the following overpass query

out geom;

which you can also see here and shows any changes I have made in the bbox in the given date range.

I would like to enhance this query by showing every user change, except for changes made by me, in other words a boolean ‘not me’, or ‘not ABZ_OSM’?

I have tried lots of variants of !ABZ_OSM, and I think I have tried all the possibilities, though I may have by chance missed a working option.

Does anyone know how to do !ABZ_OSM (not ABZ_OSM)?

ps I know I can do this with but I think being able to do this with a quick overpass query is easiear.

Comment from jidanni on 22 July 2020 at 16:34

Indeed, “I could have sworn I added that hardware store already last year, and now it is gone.” Or maybe I haven’t been taking my paranoia medicine lately… it would be great for a one-click way to find out the truth. OK, maybe two clicks.

Comment from jidanni on 23 July 2020 at 03:10

(I recall I removed a telephone very near

I still can’t figure out how to “reveal” it, despite the above discussion. The best I could reveal is ways, not points.)

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