A week past wednesday, or so, I had a look at St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Europe on OSM and noticed that a map tidy up was needed.

Over the next week or so I did various tidying chores and additions, as time allowed;

  • The village route traces were not very accurate at all, so I improved these first.
  • Then added the information boards and benches along the top of the cliff, as well as the path
  • Added and improved the salmon fishing buildings at the bottom of the cliff along the foreshore
  • Added various buildings and houses in the village, including the convenience store, post office and cafe at the main road end of beach road
  • Added the village notice board and phone box opposite the convenience store
  • Added detail to the historic Ecclesgreig church yard, with the tag historic. The “historic” tag allows us to build up a history layer for tourism which is important. Custom OSM maps can then show tourism spots that are of interest by sector, eg Scotland’s ancient golf courses, Scotland’s ancient churches, etc.

There is no doubt that St Cyrus’ long shallow beach, was, and is easy, to spot from sea, and was an easy landing point for early Christians, Viking’s, and others landing with long boats or other boats with shallow hulls.

The remains of the Old Church within the Old Churchyard, on the foreshore, can no longer be seen. The village church is now on top of the cliff and within the current village.

The main contribution here, I feel, was to tidy the village route traces, making further additions that will complete the village, easiear, for future mappers.

Location: St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, DD10 0BG, United Kingdom

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