In a recent phone conversation with a relative who lives in Dundee, Scotland, I discovered Dundee has it’s own zoo, Camperdown Wildlife Centre.

This is contained within Camperdown Country Park.

After the phone call I checked the park and the zoo on OSM and I saw that the park needed much improved tracing, and that the zoo was simply a border outline trace on the map and nothing else.

So I set out to improve this. Firstly I improved the accuracy of the tracing for the country park and added some missing traces. This was a general tidy up and much still needs to be done to improve the mapping for the Country Park. Apparently there are many interesting trees growing in the park that could be individually tagged.

I spent what must have been 5 or 6 hours getting information on the park from the Camperdown Wildlife centre site (zoo) and putting it into the map (OSM).

I doubt I will have time to keep the animal enclosure information up to date as this changes with time.

I’d be interested in any comments about mapping zoo’s and / or parks.

Location: Charleston, Dundee, Dundee City, Scotland, DD2 4NN, United Kingdom

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