Because of covid and the particular need for parents to be in touch with schools, I’ve joined with Robert Whittaker’s efforts to map school information.

Robert has produced some very good analytics maps, which show the percentage of schools that have a complete mapped data set in each part of Scotland.

This can be used to add information where existing tag sets are lacking, or tag correction is necessary.

Mostly this information can be found on local schools web sites.

A typical school mapping
How to tag contact information

Typically this will look like

  • “contact:website=http://www…..”

  • “contact:phone=+44 ….”

  • “contact:email=abc@xyz…..”

  • .. see the typical mapping link above to get an idea for how tags at other schools might look

Isced levels
  • This page explans isced levels rather well

  • Isced levels sould be mapped “isced:level=1” for a primary school, and “isced:level=3” for a secondary school. Have a look at the isced levels link above to be sure, but this seems it will fit most cases.

Scottish Government Seed codes
Location: Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB12 4PT, United Kingdom

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