be-on-road ... a new(?) routing app

Posted by stephan75 on 13 November 2013 in English (English)

Just recently I came across an app for mobile devices that can make use of OpenStreetMap based offline maps, next to commercial maps to be bought.

It is named be-on-road and it is published by a company in Czech Republic: Aponia Software, s.r.o.

Almost all time I was sure that I know ALL apps that deal with offline routing on OSM data ... but I have not found any information about be-on-road in the OSM wiki or related channels so far.

So feel free to add more information at the freshly created wiki page:

PS: I am NOT related to the mentioned company in order to do any advertising here for this app! But I would like to do a competition with other offline OSM apps like Osmand, MapFactor Navigator free, Navit, ZANavi and others.

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