Idaho Springs Mapping

Posted by russdeffner on 20 November 2010 in English (English)

A while back found the group OSM-Colorado.
A few weeks before that I had learned that pretty much all of Park County Colorado was way messed up on OSM. I decided to join the group.

We met up in Idaho Springs Colorado and about a dozen of us split into teams of one or two people and mapped the entire town in just about 2 hours.

The next week we met at MapQuest HQ in Denver and started putting our edits into OSM.

This is how I met Hurricane and Steve... Great people!

Location: Miner Street, Idaho Springs, Clear Creek County, Colorado, 80452, United States of America

Comment from DavidJDBA on 20 November 2010 at 21:04

I agree with you about Hurricane and Steve and the efforts they've put into this project. The Idaho Springs meetup was a lot of fun, and we accomplished a great deal. You're right about Park County needing some work; and much of the rest of rural Colorado is just as bad. Perhaps we should plan some meetups up your way.

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Comment from russdeffner on 21 November 2010 at 19:43

Absolutely Dave, I was thinking that this coming spring/summer trying to get folks up this way for some mapping fun, but probably wouldn't be very successful this winter since 'the park' doesn't have any winter sports/etc. However, I think we could do some damage at ski resorts and surrounding towns this winter. We'll keep in touch.

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