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Street names in Brazil are doomed 6 days ago

@Paul, I do.

@tomio mas no seu caso ou no exemplo do santamariense, eu tenho certeza que a pessoa coloca a fonte que utilizou ou, pelo menos, responde de onde está obtendo os dados. É bem diferente do que acontece na prática.
É muito raro alguém responder (e pior ainda entender que não pode copiar). Muitas vezes a pessoa simplesmente ignora quando se pergunta a origem dos dados.

Street names in Brazil are doomed 7 days ago

Por causa de um monte de vez que eu pego nome copiado, santamariense. Eu te mando por mensagem pra você dar uma olhada, pra não colocar nome de usuário aqui.

Street names in Brazil are doomed 7 days ago

And you have remembered me one point: this is the "easy" part (comparing the data and seeing identical names).
Now think of the user who is a little bit "smarter" and modifies the spelling (for example, expanding all the abbreviations).

Street names in Brazil are doomed 7 days ago

Some users (the minority) say that they have copied the data.
But most of the time the spelling is identical to (and only to) Google, for example, including the abbreviations.

New Telenav tool: Fix missing and wrong one-way streets 30 days ago

Suggestion: make it possible to mark invalid/false positives using the web interface. Idea: also use OSM's GPX tracks, if possible (in another layer, like suggest for the Missing Roads)

What Happen and Posted on OSM Diaries? about 2 months ago

Some students here in Brazil are having some kind of geography class using OSM (like mapping their neighborhood).

How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data about 2 months ago

Can't you create one layer using GPs traces from OSM?

Problem with routing 2 months ago

Try other routers and see if they all fail with this route:

If you see the same issue, then probably it's something broken in OSM.

Mapeando com o osmtracker 3 months ago

Caso alguém tenha interesse (inclusive de criar o próprio layout personalizado), o que eu estou usando está em

Mapeando com o osmtracker 3 months ago

Quando estou na estrada eu entendo que toda marcação minha é do lado direito. Se for trajeto que eu vou e volto eu nem olho para o outro lado (porque marco na volta).
Se preciso marcar algo do outro lado eu gravo com voz e digo que é do lado esquerdo.

Infelizmente é meio raro eu ser o passageiro e ter a oportunidade de gravar tudo o que eu gostaria.

Nos parques eu vou até o local para marcar (bebedouro, banco, etc), então também acabo não precisando definir o que é de um lado ou outro (já que não existe).

Grass&Green. Hurry up and participate to improve the data quality 3 months ago

Outdated text in Help?

"You could switch between Google and Bing satellite views, using the layer switcher on the top-right corner of the map"

And it would be nice if we could choose a specific country/area to use it.

New sat image and alignments 3 months ago

"Perhaps, anyone who discovers an area with new sat image should first align existing hiways/buildings."

Sometimes the new imagery is slightly wrong. It's always necessary to use GPS tracks to verify (or align) the imagery.

From JOSM search & replace to processing Openstreetmap with your favorite text edition tools 3 months ago

I do something similar to
But I would really like to have a better replace tool inside JOSM.

From JOSM search & replace to processing Openstreetmap with your favorite text edition tools 3 months ago

Daily MAPS.ME data updates 3 months ago

Could some kind of differential/delta update be implemented?

highway=trunk infestation in San Paulo 4 months ago

The problem is that we lack people in Brazil to fix this (and other problems).

Designing a compact and legible city map 4 months ago

@PlaneMad Can't you use some boundaries to define where we have left-hand and right-hand traffic (and draw the style based on them)?

You could use for example.

E lá se vão 1000 edições 4 months ago

Parabéns! E quando chegar em 500 precisa fazer churrasco pra todo mundo! :-)

It's too damn high 4 months ago

@jremillard question here is "illegal" (thus needing to be redacted)

Mapping Agricultural areas 5 months ago

Usually landuse=forest (or better, basically every landuse=*) means that there is some kind of human action or usage in the area (wood extraction for commerce, for example).
For protected areas I would use natural=wood instead.

Also take a look in landuse=forest