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Grass&Green. Hurry up and participate to improve the data quality 2 days ago

Outdated text in Help?

"You could switch between Google and Bing satellite views, using the layer switcher on the top-right corner of the map"

And it would be nice if we could choose a specific country/area to use it.

New sat image and alignments 2 days ago

"Perhaps, anyone who discovers an area with new sat image should first align existing hiways/buildings."

Sometimes the new imagery is slightly wrong. It's always necessary to use GPS tracks to verify (or align) the imagery.

From JOSM search & replace to processing Openstreetmap with your favorite text edition tools 11 days ago

I do something similar to
But I would really like to have a better replace tool inside JOSM.

From JOSM search & replace to processing Openstreetmap with your favorite text edition tools 11 days ago

Daily MAPS.ME data updates 11 days ago

Could some kind of differential/delta update be implemented?

highway=trunk infestation in San Paulo 27 days ago

The problem is that we lack people in Brazil to fix this (and other problems).

Designing a compact and legible city map about 1 month ago

@PlaneMad Can't you use some boundaries to define where we have left-hand and right-hand traffic (and draw the style based on them)?

You could use for example.

E lá se vão 1000 edições about 1 month ago

Parabéns! E quando chegar em 500 precisa fazer churrasco pra todo mundo! :-)

It's too damn high about 1 month ago

@jremillard question here is "illegal" (thus needing to be redacted)

Mapping Agricultural areas about 2 months ago

Usually landuse=forest (or better, basically every landuse=*) means that there is some kind of human action or usage in the area (wood extraction for commerce, for example).
For protected areas I would use natural=wood instead.

Also take a look in landuse=forest

Losing faith in OpenStreetMap 2 months ago

JOSM validation for example does not 'like' oneway=no

Do you mean oneway=-1?

2000 edições no OSM 2 months ago

Parabéns, Ivaldo!

Suburbs or villages? 3 months ago

Which app is that in the screenshot?

Revisão, Atualização e Correções em Porto das Caixas 3 months ago

Rua 5 eu creio ser alt_name

Did somebody delete Hyderabad, India? 3 months ago

(please, don't say that this method is stupid) :-)

What I do when something is deleted in Brazil and I need to find the node: grep Brazil's full history dump. With some black magic it's possible to find all the place nodes with a specific name (or other characteristic) and see if the node IDs are still available in the OSM (or if they were deleted).

For our cases, it's quick to grep a ~4GB file and the results are very good.

Primeira vez no openstreetmap 3 months ago

José, bem vindo!
Eu acho que você não recebeu uma mensagem de boas vindas, mas precisando de alguma coisa você pode entrar em contato com a comunidade brasileira através da lista de e-mail, do fórum ou através da sala de chat no IRC

Mapeando novas áreas de bike 3 months ago

Edil, legal!
Você segurou o celular na mão ou fixou ele em algum lugar, igual na foto ali que mostra a bicicleta?

E um detalhe (também passou despercebido pra mim) é que os seus diários estão em Português ao invés de Português brasileiro.
Precisa trocar (é só editar os diários antigos) para Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil) no menu de seleção da língua.

map styles: Default OSM vs Google Maps 4 months ago

I (and some friends) usually prefer the Humanitarian style: it looks less polluted and more pleasing to see.

Custom/specific/specialized/regional/whateveryouneed validation rules for JOSM 4 months ago

Of course we don't want to create divergence in the data (and people creating validation rules should be aware of this) but we can validate what is known to be different between the countries (usually the free-form tags (name, ref, etc)).

For example, in Brazil: highway's ref follow a specific pattern that can be matched and validated with a regex. I am almost sure that no other country use the same pattern in ref.

The newly created Czech Republic address system is also another good example: the data is valid (according to the rules and conventions of OSM) but they also have their particular format.

Note that common rules (which could be used anywhere) are usually forwarded to JOSM.

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? 4 months ago

What is the BlendPoints column, please?