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taginfo: pub vs. place_of_worship 7 days ago


pub: 2504
bar: 2812
place_of_worship: 12756

People misunderstand pub and bar here, so I guess we should sum both.
pub + bar: 5316 vs place_of_worship: 12756

Micromapping gone wrong 8 days ago

My wild guess: it was an import

Transcontinental highway interconnecting Brazil to Germany 9 days ago

In my defense, I took a first look using the map with a low zoom level.
And it seems that it was in Germany :-)

Transcontinental highway interconnecting Brazil to Germany 16 days ago

Only the node was modified, and not the way That is why we see the way with 4 years old.

Please Remove This Spam 4 months ago

Note that by adding entries citing the spams you also increase the noise in the diary.
If somebody is reading your post about the spam, most probably they also also saw the spam (thus it's not needed to write about them).

5.000 changesets 6 months ago

Tomio, não to achando no mapa o lugar onde vai ter festa pra comemorar :-P

Endereços do Distrito Federal 7 months ago

Hum... pra esse caso ficou bom mesmo.

Endereços do Distrito Federal 7 months ago

É tudo pontual ou você que filtrou só essa parte?

Datos Abiertos De Paraguay!! 7 months ago

It's necessary to care some care before using it in OSM.
See and

Novo viaduto em Jaraguá do Sul 7 months ago

Muito bom, Tomio!
Fico feliz que eu não sou o único que fica indo e voltando que nem bobo no mesmo lugar :-P

5.000 Changesets!!!!! 7 months ago

Sai fora. Pra homem é só aperto de mão e olha lá hahahahahahaha

Votação de tradução highway=unclassified (pt-br) 7 months ago

6 - Via Local ou Estrada Vicinal

Mapeando rodovias e a hidrografia do município de Jaguaribe, Ceará , Brasil 7 months ago

Narcélio, precisa ter cuidado que a "Creative Commons Atribuição 2.5 Brasil License" requer atribuição:

Atribuição — Você deve dar o crédito apropriado, prover um link para a licença e indicar se mudanças foram feitas. Você deve fazê-lo em qualquer circunstância razoável, mas de maneira alguma que sugira ao licenciante a apoiar você ou o seu uso.

Dá uma olhada em e que não parece ser compatível

Latest Spam 7 months ago

There is

show off (your accounts) :) 9 months ago

For launchpad's JOSM translation you want this:

ImproveOSM with your own GPS data - a Field Report 12 months ago

Martijn, any news about using tracks from OSM to find unmapped ways?
Were you able to get a fresh GPX dump?

Telegram group for Brazilian mappers. about 1 year ago

Bonix, tem um em

Mapping private subdivision roads and other gated roads about 1 year ago

This is "mapping for the router".
Like people said before, the routing program should be able to deal with the private roads (and you should just not remove this info from them).

ET do Independence Day about 1 year ago


Re-tagging picnic sites with leisure=picnic_site and amenity=picnic_site to tourism=picnic_site about 1 year ago

"I'll be going to each of the picnic sites and look for re-tagging it." gives the impression that you will manually verify each one, while in we can see that "it will be a mechanized edit".

It's good to make it explicit that it will be an automatic process.
Also, whether possible, add mechanical=yes to the changeset.