I have been editing for a while now

Posted by mattmaxon on 30 March 2009 in English (English)

I have been editing OSM for a while now in 5 areas

*San Gabriel Mountains
*Verdugo Mountains
*San Fernando Valley

These are all in the Los Angeles area of Southern California USA

Sunland is my hometown and know it well, I like to experiment with various render features here

Burbank is the area where I work

The mountains is where I play

San Fernando Valley is well.... a mess. Everything I do in the other areas seems to flow to here and affect the SFV

I have decided to use the City of Los Angeles NavigateLA GIS as the source for names and road classifications

alley=(highway=service, service=alley)

This is my official source for unnamed streets, unless I happen to be nearby.

Which brings up an interesting question when citing source it seems source for what? Source for the line on the map, source for the name, source for the various road features etc....

I have a Kensington Expert Mouse (Trackball) and find the programmable buttons useful for those common tags when editing with Potlatch, though for some reason the ALT modifier doesn't work...Plenty of available combination's with SHIFT & CTRL

Comment from randomjunk on 30 March 2009 at 09:17

source= the geometry source
source:name= the name source
source:ref= the reference source

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