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Mapbox's probably fragmentary "Tracking conversations" tool 17 days ago

sanjayb, your first comment explains the current behaviour correctly, thank you for that one.

For searching changeset discussions I only know Pascal's and your tool. Yours promises far superior results so I hope you will enhance it soon.

Mapbox's probably fragmentary "Tracking conversations" tool 17 days ago

Hi PlaneMad,

thank you for the quick response.
The changeset discussions I started during the last 7 days are these:

I think it is safe to assume I started more than three this year. :)

another way to make good pictures for mapillary about 1 month ago

Thanks for the F-Droid link. Somehow I didn't look there and was sad finding it only on Google. (Enhanced the diary entry and installed the app from F-Droid.)
This app only works for some Sony cameras so it is only a solution for a small group of people.

For people wanting free apps maybe MobileWebCam may be helpful – to use with their phone.

Re: Stamen, Patrolling Trails in OpenStreetMap about 1 month ago

Thanks for pointing out. I didn't manage to link that discussion here as I was pointed to it yesterday evening, luckily you did. :)
Frederik asks the IMHO more important question. My point is only looking at the single-mindedness of the editing mapper who edited the data only in regard of his problem but not in regard of "having a reasonyble tagged way".

Strange GUI issues with JOSM and Ubuntu/Debian 3 months ago

Hint: When I search the JOSM issue tracker I always also look for closed bugs. One never knows… :)

OpenStreetMap POI finder 3 months ago

Sorry if I didn't say it clear: I don't get to see a single POI because I cannot select any category. The site looks like this when I try to do that:

Additionally: A permalink would be nice, too. At the moment I have to scroll&zoom to my region each time I open the site.

OpenStreetMap POI finder 3 months ago

Well, in Chromium and Firefox the layer button on the top right just minimizes when I try to look for POI. IMHO it would be better to have a responsive search filed instead of a long category list to click around.
And that it only works for POI on nodes not ways is a serious drawback.

Sizes of various map formats 3 months ago

Thank you for the hint – I knew I should have looked for primary sources. *sigh* Though that OSMAnd page shows me 67,2MB.
I updated the posting accordingly.

My christmas gift for the OSM Community - JOSM Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 300 DPI 4 months ago

@baditaflorin: I have been a little too enthusiastic –
ctrl-"D" duplicates objects which is a JOSM core feature "Y" is a JOSM core feature as well.

My christmas gift for the OSM Community - JOSM Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 300 DPI 4 months ago

Nice work. Why don't you just save it at the OSM wiki or Wikimedia Commons?
Stuff I miss:
"X" stems from eXtrude – extruding a line - be it from a linear or closed way
"D" duplicates selected Objects
"B" switches to buildings_tools draw mode when the plugin is installed
"Y" toggles the viewer of geolocated images if loaded

About Huts 4 months ago

A faster way of correcting the huts (utilsplugin2 required):

  • draw a way with the diameter of a hut
  • make it a circle by pressing Shift-O (maybe set the circle node count to an appropriate value previously)
  • select this newly made and the old, oversized hut
  • press CTRL-Shift-G to replace the old way with the new one (this keeps the history of the already existing way)

Instead of always drawing a new hut I often just copied and then pasted one since a lot of them have the same size. Thus you would need even one step less – three instead of six.

For way vs node: What would you do if there was a rectangular hut instead of a circle shaped? Still use a node with radius, width or length? I find it easier to map the length of the way instead of describing it.
Additionally: It is surely more rewarding for (new) mappers to see their added buildings show up on the map instead of it remaining blank. (afaik building on nodes aren't rendered)

Mapping my hometown Rajahmundry 6 months ago

Have you tried using Mapbox Imagery?
Though its resolution isn't as good highways should be easy to map. Contrary to Bing Imagery there are only two sets of imagery end the offset is nearly zero (at the places I looked at). After you are done wit the highway grid based on Mapbox you can align Bing to the highways.

In case you use JOSM it may be easier to draw highways on an empty layer, then download the OSM data and use "replace geometry" to move the existing tags and object IDs vom the misaligned to the newly made, enhanced ways. "replace geometry" gets provided by the utils_plugin.

Welcome Message 6 months ago

I'd say the most important is: Make it short! Make it to the point!

At least when I think of how I handle "Welcome Messages" after registering my umpteenth account somewhere I skip every message which is longer than ~6 lines.
About a message with an essay as content I think: "I want to do XY which is why registered. The message I will read later – maybe."

Half of what you list (about, philosophy, donations) is already on or easily to reach from there. And earnestly: How many newly registered users do you think will immediately jump to join the OSMF?

A Mapper in the Spotlight: Dave Corley (Ireland) 6 months ago

This interview I really liked to read – especially I like the remarks on armchair mapping.

A Mapper in the Spotlight: Dave Corley (Ireland) 6 months ago

This interview I really liked to read – especially I like the remarks on armchair mapping.

bot user accounts 6 months ago

Nakaner: Thank you. It seems "http://" got lost

bot user accounts 6 months ago

New users with edits you can find [here](
Really /all/ OSM data with all users who have ever edited you will find in the full history planet. This does not include user accounts who have never mapped.

bot user accounts 6 months ago

Hi oini,

Every user gets assigned an user ID which remains the same even if he changes the user name. The API shows you some details if you ask for them:
This page tells you the recent total number of create OSM user accounts: yesterday there were 2340247. But the number of user accounts doesn't correlate exactly with user IDs because now and then swathes of users got already deleted.
However, with a little trial and error I figured out which user registered at the time span I wanted to look at. Then I asked the API to deliver the user details for a certain range of numbers beginning with 3362504: (run on a bash in Linux)

for i in $(seq 2504 8504); do wget"$i"; done

The result you find in the zip file. I got 5130 newly registered user accounts from November 5th to 7th. Then I looked for "2015-11-07T" in the files and got all users from November 7th which existed until then.
My original purpose for looking at new user accounts was not to look for spam users but they were so obvious I had to talk about them.

What's your OpenStreetMap story? 7 months ago

A little late, but better late than never. ;)

I got to know OSM this way: In 2007 I went by bicycle to Paris. To have the journey in maps on the internet I spend days clicking around at Google Maps which were limited to 24 waypoints (A-Z). As I planned my trip for 2008 (cycling to Istanbul) I looked for easier ways to diplay the travelled way and found GPS-Loggers suitable for me. And while I read about them trying to find out which one would fit best somewhere I read about OpenStreetMap. Regrettably I don't remember more details.

What I remember very well was my first edit. After clicking "edit" flash stuff was loading. I clicked somewhere and suddenly was dragging around a line with the mouse pointer. Clicking around I couldn't get rid of the line, not to mention enhance the map. So I crossed my fingers and closed the tab hoping I hadn't made too much damage. Looking for a better editing tool I found JOSM and am stuck with it since.

Back then my region was quite bare so before starting my trip to Istanbul I already had mapped some highways in my town.

Now, about eight years later, I have made more then 10.000 edits, amongst them a bunch for HOT, filed ~170 bugs against JOSM (most of them are solved) and a lot of other OSM tools, helped translating JOSM, iD,, set up an OSM affiliate account for which generates meanwhile a nice monthly venue for OSM and now and then organised an OSM booth at some Linux and Outdoor gatherings. Once I even lectured about holidays with OpenStreetMap :).

Tent with lake and Mountains I still love to travel remote regions and OSM is a very useful help. I use it and its tools to prepare the journey, while travelling and back home I add a lot of data collected while being abroad.

But lately it seems there are more mappers using dubious map sources (to be euphemistic), don't name their sources and lack a lot in communication. Finding this out and warding it off consumes quite some energy and time I'd prefer to use for mapping myself "good" data. This takes out quite some of the fun of contributing to OSM.

Data issues in Japan 7 months ago

In 2013 I asked about a cleanup for the similar tidy waterway import on the Japanese ML: The response was underwhelming.