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Posted by malenki on 15 April 2012 in English (English)

Since yesterday there is a nice slideshow at the OSM-SVN. Last year in September Frederik Ramm asked at talk-de for photos to show as slideshow at the Intergeo. From the donated photos and a lot of the Featured Images of the OSM-wiki he created the slideshow.

For the this year's conference of the Chemnitzer Linuxtage I asked Frederik Ramm for the show which he was happy to share. I added some of my own photos.

At the Chemnitzer Linuxtage was to observe that a lot of passersby were attracted by the show projected by a beamer and stopped to watch. Some also mentioned directly that they were impressed by it. So now it is there for all of you. :)

from the OSM wiki: Featured Image of week 20/2009 as part of a slideshow

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