Mapping bus route in Ayacucho - Perú

Posted by karitotp on 10 January 2017 in English (English)

As part of the goal of making Ayacucho the best-mapped city in Latin America, the OSM community of Ayacucho, along with the Mapbox Perú team, added 20 bus routes relations to OpenStreetMap of 22 public transport services that there are in the city.

bus1 Bus routes added in Ayacucho

During the mapping, 41 public_transport = stop_position and 15public_transport = platform has been added/updated in downtown.

public Stop_positions and platforms of public transport added in Ayacucho

Our local knowledge was fundamental to this mapping, however, many of the added relations are still incomplete because we do not know the complete route of some buses, such routes are being completed by using tools such as Osmtracker.

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