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I'm fed up with all this spam on the RSS feed, especially Chinese 29 days ago

Hope this helps: A page in the OSM Wiki where they post/document instances of spam

Warning: GPS tracks recorded with an iPhone can be a waste about 1 year ago

I wonder if this also applies to iOS devices with older versions of iOS?

how dare they :) over 1 year ago

You may want to edit your entry and re-edit the link, like this: Google wipes Scottish isle from its maps

Use craigslist tiles as basemap in ID editor. over 1 year ago

This also works for JOSM (as a TMS entry), but with minor modifications: tms[(maximum zoom number)]:{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

note expiration over 1 year ago

The notes will be reflected here, even if they are fixed. I hope that my explanation answers your query

Quezon Ave - Araneta Ave Underpass Now Open but... about 2 years ago

Result: Route passes through the tunnel/underpass. Looks like we're the first one to put it on the map (as a functioning underpass)

Sydney redacted over 2 years ago

Let me know if there are areas needed to be remapped. I'd like to help out and restructure the map in the Sydney area.

Good Day over 2 years ago

For your information, you can contact the OpenStreetMap Philippines mailing list for help/more information

Do it right or not at all almost 3 years ago

Honestly, I have problems with some mappers in my "areas of responsibility". However, I'll have to agree with compdude and Sanderd17 - inform them of their mistakes and encourage them to fix their edits. If that fails to "educate" them, then fix the various problems (unconnected roads, self-intersecting ways, open polygons) on sight.

Coordinates of HVDC facilities in China and Philippines almost 3 years ago

I believe that there's new imagery covering parts of HVDC Leyte-Luzon ( )

I'm done with one portion (Santa Magdalena - Irosin), can you finish the rest?

Zoom in satellite image about 3 years ago

also, try to ask questions at or from nearby mappers if you need help with OSM-related stuff

Bing WMS not working over 3 years ago

So far, I do not have problems with it. Try flushing the tile cache in JOSM.

OSM Browser Woes over 3 years ago

I'm also encountering a similar problem.

House Numbers over 3 years ago

Already made much Edits when OSM Error Appears over 3 years ago

Addendum: Use Merkaartor

intentionally got "lost" from QC to Makati almost 4 years ago

It can be done in Potlatch. See for more information.

Mapping part of West Triangle in Quezon City about 4 years ago

It's a good thing that you found a better cop-out. Other than that, another job well done.

Cartography Sticker over 4 years ago

@LR-7 Thank you for responding to my comment.

By the way, you could encounter this problem - entering sites that may raise someone's suspicion (specifically outdoor retail strips/areas within "private property"). My suggestion is for you to make a customized ID. (Note: This problem pops up for me from time to time).

Cartography Sticker over 4 years ago

If the gated community requires you to leave your ID with the security personnel, tag it as access=private. (Even if you can enter through a sticker, most users cannot enter the gated communities) Also, DO NOT copy data from Google Maps and Google Mapmaker.

ddos attack over 4 years ago

It's not spamming (AFAIK) - he/she is just informing.