Potlatch 2 is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Posted by compdude on 8 December 2010 in English (English)

I just got a chance to mess around with potlatch 2 in the Edit tab. It's great! The previous version, Potlatch 1.4, was slow, full of bugs and hard to use. Now this is a WHOLE lot easier to use, especially if you're a new user. I like the fact that it shows examples of what certain roads look like, esp. trunk roads.

For all those who helped create Potlatch 2, thx for your hard work in making potlatch faster, easier to use, and less bugs.

One question i have though: why is it not the default editor to appear when you click the edit tab? why is potlatch 1 still coming up? you have to click and hold your mouse on the edit tab in order to select it. Please fix this so the previous version of Potlatch no longer appears.

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Comment from Strash on 8 December 2010 at 17:24

I think the reason that it's not the default is that it isn't completely tested yet.

If you want you can set it as default editor in your Profile.

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Comment from Andy Allan on 8 December 2010 at 17:53

Yeah, I'd encourage anyone who likes P2 to set it as their default editor. When we see enough people using it, and hunt down any bugs that crop up, we can switch over the default.

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Comment from c2r on 8 December 2010 at 19:12

It's good, but there's still some annoying bugs - would have thought it won't be long before they're ironed out though as progress is amazing.

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Comment from netman55 on 9 December 2010 at 16:37

Don't want to see P1 to go just yet, P2 still has bugs and imo slower for tagging up items, mainly because P2 doesn't remember entries like P1 does. I think people should given the choice as to what editor to use like it is now via the user settings

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Comment from sgenius on 9 December 2010 at 18:46

So far I've grown to feel comfortable with P1; P2 has definitely better look and feel, has a less steep learning curve - but it's slower for me in some tasks, like adding tags. I guess that if this is an issue to other people out there, it would have to be resolved until it becomes the default.

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