Silver Spring mapping party

Posted by aude on 11 August 2009 in English (English)

We had approximately ten people at the Silver Spring mapping party last Saturday. This was the first for the new Mapping DC group, following on from a mapping party in June that was organized by CloudMade (now former) community ambassador Russ Nelson.

We are focusing on areas surrounding DC proper, as the DC government has shown willingness to allow us to import their GIS data. That's not the case for surrounding jurisdictions such as Montgomery County, Maryland.

My slice of the "cake" was the area between (south) of the railroad tracks and the DC border. I added the buildings along East-West Highway, including the NOAA buildings. I also added the Falkland Chase apartment complex and the Blair apartment complex -- both which occupy an entire square block with numerous individual apartment buildings and shops. Behind the Falkland Chase apartments was a small park, with a creek, walking paths, and an off-lease dog area.

Near the Mayorga coffee shop where we met, there is a brand new apartment building (The Veridian). When mapping this, the Yahoo! imagery was uselessly way out of date. Blair Mill Road used to cut through from Georgia Avenue to East-West Highway. The road has been reconfigured as Blair Mill Way, and does not connect with the rest of Blair Mill Road on the south side of East-West Highway. I got this change and the new building into OSM. I notice that Google Maps is still outdated with the old Blair Mill Road.

I'm not done with making edits to my area, and other people are still working on theirs. But, here are images that show before and after:



Location: Blair Circle, Montgomery Hills, Silver Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland, 20910, United States of America

Comment from Mark Gray on 14 August 2009 at 07:48

A very nice before and after set. The nice buildings and paths and POIs give a good idea of how much can be added even after the roads are correct.

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