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Klaipeda, Lithuania / Nybro, Sweden - watch out for NordBalt HVDC Powercable

Posted by Toliman on 8 January 2015 in English (English)

At present an HVDC link between Nybro in Sweden and Klaipeda in Lithuania with the name "NordBalt" is under construction, which will be in its whole length implemented as underground or submarine cable. As it is most easy to determine a cable track, when it is installed please put attention in Klapeida area and Nybro area for work on the underground cable. A map showing the track in Sweden can be found on and .

Location: Rimkai, Klaipėda, Klaipėda City Municipality, Klaipeda County, Lithuania

Map the HVDC SydVästlänken

Posted by Toliman on 20 March 2014 in English (English)

Now, it is the best time to map HVDC SydVästlänken ( ), which is now under construction and which will connect the substations of Barkeryd near Nässjo, Sweden with that of Hurva near Hörby, Sweden, as it is in most parts of its track implemented as underground cable and such installations can be best mapped at time of construction, because then you can see where the cables are buried.

Location: Målen, Norrboda, Nässjö, Jönköpings län, Götaland, 57142, Sweden

Karte des mitteleuropäischen Bahnstromnetzes

Posted by Toliman on 27 December 2013 in German (Deutsch)

Vom mitteleuropäischen Bahnstromnetz sind nur wenige Karten im Internet verfügbar. Eine sehr gute Karte kann jetzt mit Hilfe von Openstreetmap-Relationen erstellt werden mit dem Link

( erfordert eine gewisse Ladezeit)

Highlighting 2 ways simultanously in Openstreetmap

Posted by Toliman on 21 December 2013 in English (English)

With, I highlight way 204545358 and with, I highlight way 23099053. But how can I highlight way 23099053 and way 204545358 at the same time?

Tool for calculating the length of an openstreetmap-way

Posted by Toliman on 20 December 2013 in English (English)

Is there a tool, with which I can get the length of a certain way of openstreetmap? The tool should be so made, that one has just to enter the URL of the way and than get its length.

Interesting section of HVDC powerline CU

Posted by Toliman on 31 October 2013 in English (English)

Why is the bipolar 400 kV HVDC CU west of John Lake not installed on lattice towers, but on poles? Is it an experimental section or a temporary solution as the towers were destroyed by a tornado?

Location: Township Rd T-195, Pope County, Minnesota, 56349, United States of America

Punkte mit Attributen mittels JOSM hochladen?

Posted by Toliman on 4 September 2013 in German (Deutsch)

Kann man Punkte mittels JOSM direkt mit Attributen ( zum Beispiel "power" und "tower" für Freileitungsmast) hochladen oder muß man diese erst später setzen?

When adding pylon numbers at a powerline / Wenn man bei einer Stromleitung Mastnummern hinzufügt

Posted by Toliman on 14 April 2013 in German (Deutsch)

Wenn man bei einer Stromleitung Mastnummern hinzufügt, dann sollte man auch überprüfen, ob man auch ALLE Maste der Leitung erfasst hat, denn sonst wird die Sache fehlerhaft. Am Besten ist es an beiden Enden einer Leitung die Mastnummern vor Ort zu erfassen, um korrekte Ergebnisse zu erhalten

Leitung bei der Mastnummern hinzugefügt wurden, ohne auf Vollständigkeit zu prüfen:

When one adds pylon numbers at a powerline, then please check, if ALL pylons of the line are mapped. Otherwise the numeration will be not correct. Best check pylon numbers at both ends of the line, in oder to get correct results

Line at which pylon numbers were added, also some pylons were not mapped

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