Testing of GPS, gathering tracks, new car, new job, etc

Posted by Skippern on 18 October 2013 in English (English)

There have been a lot of changes to my life since last post. I have changed job, my new job will give me quite some traveling around, mostly in Brazil, but might also be some travels abroad. Much of this travel will be with hired drivers (taxi, VIP service, etc), mainly between communication hubs and ports. Since I had my new GPS last July I have brought it with me, partly to test the data quality where I travel (I have OSM maps installed, latest update from ), partly to gather tracks, along with recording POIs with Go Map!!

Further I played around with Java/Eclipse, and got some basic Java into my fingers, I hope I can get something useful out of this soon (might or might not be OSM related)

By getting myself a Macbook Pro computer I extended this to Xcode (the platform for iOS (iPad/iPhone) apps), and will try to make some useful/interesting apps for these platforms - might be a mapping tool, might be a navigation tool, might be a game

If anybody have some GIT/SVN repositories for any Java/ObjC/Xcode OSM related projects, let me know, so I can be connected with it, so much interesting to learn within these fields.

We have just changed our car, the new vehicle is a Chevrolet Cruze, which is the new family car, that will bring us around when visiting people, going on holidays etc. The car came with a multimedia/navigation system, which I can use to compare maps when traveling (against my GPS unit)

We have plans of getting another car, maybe a Chevrolet Montana, a pickup that will be used mostly for work related activities (and some outdoor activities as well)

Location: Rua Expedicionários Brasileiros, São Sebastião, Microrregião de Caraguatatuba, RMVale, Mesorregião Vale do Paraíba Paulista, São Paulo, Southeast Region, 11600000, Brazil

Comment from Tomio on 10 September 2014 at 02:24


Não sei se vc conhece, mas existe o que compila mapas para o Garmin, da America do Sul e do Brasil mensalmente. Também, compilam mapas diariamente para cada um dos estados brasileiros. Fica a sugestão. Cordialmente, Helio.

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Comment from Skippern on 10 September 2014 at 02:29


Conheco, mas como o cocard falta Mac BaseCamp instalador, vou depender manutenção das mapas manualmente. O disponebilizar arquivo em formato BaseCamp .gmap que significa um gerenciamento muito mais fácil.

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