Found an android app for OSM Tracker, upload my first GPS tracks, and start translating the app into Traditional Chinese.

Posted by Shangkuanlc on 3 January 2013 in English (English)

Today I found an app for OSM mapping. The app is called OSMTracker for Android, I just used this app on my just arrived used HTC cellphone to record the GPS track from NTU to XinTien Temple. A very useful app I think. By this way, I don't need to use GPS device but with only smart phone, I can upload the GPS tracks easily enough. Wondering anybody in Taiwan has used this app before, I shared the app's name and tonight's experience to the OSM-tw mail string.

Then I link to the translation project and found out no one has translated the app into Traditional Chinese yet, so I start to do the translation stuff.

Also, Supaplex told me about a conference about Library in NTU that I should go.

Tomorrow I will look deeper into the conference and the mapping party that will hold in January.

Location: 民生社區, 三民里, Jiulizu, Songshan District, Taipei, 10591, ROC

Comment from jutezak on 6 January 2013 at 17:15

osmAnd is also a very useful app that shows openstreetmap maps (from the internet or downloaded to the phone) and shos your track on it, or tracks from the past. The menu structure is a bit confusing though:

  • there is a main screen with map / search / favorites / settings
  • on the map screen, there is a tiny gear to slect what you see on the screen (next turn. which way is north, the button to turn tracking on, etc)
  • on the map screen, the menu button can be used to determine which POI to show on the map, and which GPX trace (also the current trace, but it shows only one at a time.

It does a lot more than viewing the map and track and position, for example reasonable navigation, POI editing, annotation.

When I'm in another country I really like that I can download maps before I leave.

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