Android tracking app

Posted by NicRoets on 29 November 2013 in English (English)

From time to time I need to track "lost" devices used by employees. But I'm always disappointed that, AFAIK, no single app has all the features basic features:

  • Remotely activate GPS on the "lost" device. Androidlost and Airdroid does this well.

  • Frequent updates with heading and speed. (Low bandwidth protocol like UDP ??) And while the GPS is waiting for a lock, display the satellite reception strengths.

  • Support both phones and tablets.

  • Easy to use authentication, like Airdroid.

  • Easily allow groups to track each other. Just like adding people to a hangout.

  • Chase the "lost" device with another android. On reflection, the simpler the better. Distance and bearing is enough:

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