Up to the ring road

Posted by Neil Penman on 3 May 2009 in English (English)

For the first time in a long time I worked on extending the map north to the ring road. I took the road bike out after lunch and headed up the upfield bike track into Hadfield. There I added the Pascoe Vale Gardens Retirement village. Quite a nice set up, all the roads were marked private and I was a tad worried about being confronted as really there was absolutely no reason for a bloke on a bike holding a GPS to be in the area, unless the GPS wasn't working or he was mapping.

From the village I headed north filling in missing streets and parks. Over Box Forest road I discovered that the Fawkner cemetry goes on and on further than I ever would have believed possible. Finally I came out on the ring road trail. Getting there quite quickly thanks to all the mapping that Canley has been doing in the area.

Location: Hadfield, City of Moreland, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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