Saturday 18th April - Castlemaine

Posted by Neil Penman on 24 April 2009 in English (English)

OK the mapping was done a week ago when OSM was down for the API06 upgrade. I loaded the data on Tuesday night shortly after the system came up and after a few teething problems with the replication the it has appeared in Mapnik. Way to go Brett and the system admins.

I took the train to Castlemaine and then started riding my bike to Maldon which is where all the mapping happened. Unfortunately the wait of my laptop and gear for the weekend slowed me down so when I got onto the Maldon road I rang Lib to come and get me.

Location: Castlemaine Water Reclamation Plant, Mckenzie Hill, Campbells Creek, Shire of Mount Alexander, Loddon Mallee, Victoria, Australia

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