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Hidden homes over 2 years ago

Don't forget treehouses too!

Created an account almost 3 years ago

Welcome and good luck. Hopefully the learning curve is easier than ever but if you have any problems there is always someone willing to help.

noob almost 3 years ago

Welcome to OSM. Thanks for contributing. It is a wee bit addictive...

art renderer almost 3 years ago

tourism=artwork is in the potlatch editor but not rendered on the mapnik map. you could tag artwork tourism=attraction. but probably best to ask to get it rendered on the main mapnik map. or make your own map. for a basic static map to print for instance try maperitive software. you can customize the map to your liking. Not sure the best place to ask for changes to the mapnik map. hopefully someone else can help.

Ye olde tale of the landuse=farmland tag almost 3 years ago

I have tried mapping a farm in detail to work this through. I kept changing my mind on different aspects - tagging some fields as farmland and others as grass. In the end, I feel landuse=farmland isn't very descriptive. Perhaps farmland=grazing, farmland=arable. Would add more detail. Fences and hedges look great and are useful landmarks for walkers etc, so I would urge people if they have the time to map them, rather than putting blobs of farmland on the map. But, you know, as long as people are adding new info and its vaguely accurate, then eventually those big blobs become fine detail.

Have a look at my attempt here:

Adding landuse almost 3 years ago

There plenty of ideas here for natural/landuse mapping:

Some of the tagging scheme still needs working out. So if you are Wiki writing inclined, or want to learn - join the debate and help improve the Wiki

osm is turning me into a botanist almost 3 years ago

Testing this further for an area e.g. wood, you could try tagging cover:Ganzania=10%

otherwise, using taxon or genus:30%= won't work if there are two species with 30% coverage. The value has to be unique. I have updated the taxon page to reflect this.

Three years of dragging my GPS around with me... almost 3 years ago

I assure you, that was no waste of time or computing power! :-)

osm is turning me into a botanist almost 3 years ago

Hi aharvey,

I'm interested to record taxonomic and habitat infomation too. I would suggest looking at this page

I would record taxon:35%=Ganzania rigens . Useful to remember that percentage cover can add up to over 100% because there are multiple layers/canopies within a habitat. Another method which is common, DAFOR (Dominant, Abundant, Frequent, Occasional, Rare) which is often quicker to record and less need for a meter square or measuring an area. taxon:D=Ganzia rigens

I've been working on a wiki for recording habitats (bare bones at the moment)

Links from Last nights pub meeting almost 3 years ago

Hi Bob, one more link we discussed for keeping an eye on your favourite areas:

It was a good night, 9 people in attendance and four new faces.

My first day of actual mapping about 3 years ago

Good work! I have an OSM surveyor hi-viz jacket too. I think the jacket improves your mapping ability by at least 25% :-) but for clarification, you don't need one to start mapping!

WebGL Earth: OpenStreetMap in 3D. Coming soon over 3 years ago

Can't wait!

Getting Started over 3 years ago

I like your map painting btw! I used a program called Kosmos for rendering one off maps, should also be able to add your own custom icons too. There is a newer version called Maperitive but I haven't tried that yet.

Motivation (or how to get more of it) over 3 years ago

Great idea, I think it would be nice to have a bit of positive feedback like badges and cups etcs.

Google Maps as a WMS source? almost 4 years ago

good luck with a second life map - always thought it would be best to project in a 3D globe using Marble. second life is very 'flat earth' at the moment.

Kosovo street data split into 100 street work packages over 4 years ago

done 11400 and 24200!