Glasgow meetup Tuesday 20 August 7pm

Posted by Hawkeye on 18 August 2013 in English (English)


Want to know more about making maps of your community, citizen science, open data, and how to get started? All welcome to join the Glasgow OpenStreetMap social meetup at the Saramago bar in the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Sauciehall Street. Tuesday 20 Aug 7pm.

We meet here on the third Tuesday, every 3 months.

You'll find us in the bar, look out for a hi-viz jacket and maybe some laptops. Excellent vegetarian food available and good selection of beer and soft drinks.

Last Glasgow Meetup

There will be people to help with any OpenStreetMap questions about editing and using data. Will also be talking about:

  • Up coming State of the Map conference
  • Changes to the OSM website design
  • How to get data into QGIS and why the plugin is broken
  • What a spatial database looks like
  • Adventures in GRASS
  • What happened to OSM Scotland website
  • Scotland OSM stats
  • 3D buildings and when we can start 3D printing
  • The next mapping party
  • State of the Map Scotland
  • Should OSM website have export .shp option?
  • Smart cities...

See you there!

Location: Cranston Hill, Finnieston, Glasgow City, Scotland, G3 8GG, United Kingdom

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