ski runs at Timberline Lodge

Posted by Dion Dock on 24 February 2010 in English (English)

I've taken to skiing and have been trying to map the runs at beautiful Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, Oregon. You can view the results on or OSM, with the osmarender.

Renderer complaints:
It would be nice if openpistemap actually rendered the recommended piste:name tag.
It would be real nice if it was smart enough to give the runs the colors we use in the USA (green, blue, black).
It would be nice if osmarender put the chairlift names (and chairs) consistently. Why is Molly's the only lift with a different orientation?

Location: Glade Trail #661, Government Camp, Clackamas County, Oregon, 97028, United States of America

Comment from giggls on 24 February 2010 at 10:18

The origins of OSM and openpistemap are in europe which should explain the colors currently used. European piste colors (and UK road colors) in the maps.

The road coloring problem is difficult to solve, as it is a localization problem rather than a geographic one! Over here in europe we tend to have different coloring schemes for roads in every country!
E.g. germans usually do not agree to the OSM style of blue colored motorways originating from the UK scheme.

I prefer looking at north american ski resorts with my familiar european piste style. Probably you would also prefer to see european resorts in american colors. Rendering different colors for different continents would make the resorts incomparable. A value which we should not destroy IMO, as it did not even exist before openpistmap arose.

People are however free to create their own north american piste map color style.

BTW, to get the names of the runs rendered in openpistemap just use a generic name tag :)

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Comment from giggls on 24 February 2010 at 10:20

Oh, something I forgot. Openpistmap does not render T-bars at all this should definitely be fixed.

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Comment from G3YAC on 24 February 2010 at 18:37

The piste:name thing had me baffled for a bit - not only does pistemap not render them but osm2pgsql doesn't import them without (I believe) editing I have yet to prove that I can import that tag on my installation.

The wiki seems to suggest that 'name' is the preferable tag and 'piste:name' should only be used where the way is used for something else as well as a piste (but I could be misunderstanding the wiki.)

Maps preferences seem to vary from person to person - I too greatly prefer the familiar Eu colouring scheme but appreciate others want something different. I am presently rendering my own piste maps with piste and lift direction arrows, colour-relief shading and contours as I just hate those artists impression maps that ski resorts hand out! I'd be happy to share my (still under development) style if anyone is interested.

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Comment from Dion Dock on 24 February 2010 at 23:49

@G3YAC: If you use the 'name' tag, you'll get a nice rendering in Openpistemap. Unfortunately, the other renderers will display the name with no route, which leads to this floating name in the forest.

The tagging makes sense as some of the pistes are roads in the summer. On Timberline, that would be parts of West Leg Road.

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