Active again

Posted by Amiga4000 on 21 September 2012 in German (Deutsch)

Welcome back

I am active again, lots of other duties in between, but I am back. I finished the buildings and addresses in my home area Wendhausen ( and I started with 3D tagging. Currently still in time of learning and see what goes best, asking community on whats best. But I already learned a lot.

If you start mapping in 3D, have a look at and follow some guidelines:

  • always user building=* for a building (even for outlines of building:parts)

  • always use a relation of type=building for buildings containing building:parts

  • in multipart buildings set height=* for ALL parts except outline polygon which contains the building=yes tag

  • attach entrance to building:parts polygon, not only to the outline polygon

cya Lars

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