about 11 years ago
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Ended about 11 years ago.
Reason for block:

Dear FMS,

when I contacted you a while ago about peak heights you sent me a sensible reply and it seemed that you understood the matter.

Back then, those who alerted DWG had tried to talk to you directly, but they only received standard replies which basically said “leave me alone”.

Today, I am writing for the same reason. Two users have complained about your edits, which seem to disregard on-the-ground information in favour of outdated aerial imagery. Such errors are not a problem in themselves, they happen quite often; but in our project we must work as a community. You must talk to your fellow mappers. Just like you, they want to improve the map and they will not write to you without a reason. You must respect them and discuss the matter and find an amicable solution for all of you.

Instead, you are auto-replying to your fellow mappers with a standard message, ignoring them.

I don’t doubt that you are doing good and helpful work for the project. But this is a community project and if you cannot work as a member of the community, if you cannot talk to your peers in this project because you believe that you are somehow above them, then maybe this project is not right for you.

Please get your act together and try to be a good community member. The others are not there to upset you; they have the same goals that you have - a good map for all of us!

Please do not bother to reply with a detailed explanation of the situation. I don’t know you, I don’t know the others, I don’t know the area. You will have to engage with the other community members even if (or especially if) you think they are wrong. You will have to convince them, not me.

Bye Frederik