Created: over 5 years ago

Status: Active until the user logs in.

Reason for block:

Dear user Moab2000,

are you the same person also running the account Giorgi1967? Both of you seem to edit place names in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, applying Georgian names although the Georgian language is rarely used in these areas and most signs will not be in Georgian.

Please understand that OSM maps what is “on the ground”. The fact that these regions are officially part of Georgia does not mean that all place names have to be Georgian in OSM.

I am afraid I will have to block your account and revert your edits for now. Please contact if you wish to discuss this. OpenStreetMap can certainly benefit from more Georgian names added in these regions but as far as we can see, putting them in the “name” tag is a political statement that we cannot accept.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm aka woodpeck
OSMF Data Working Group