Created: over 6 years ago

Status: Ended over 6 years ago.

Reason for block:

Dear user Supt_of_printing,

we have had complaints about your edits of intersections in Australia. It seems that you edits are guided by a desire to make an intersection look nice on the map, rather than accurately reflect reality.

In OSM, looking nice on the map is not the data editor's business - when we edit data, we try and make it as precise as possible. This includes, for example, setting the oneway property even if it is obvious on the ground that a section of road is oneway; it includes properly joining roads even if this might lead to a name printed more frequently, and so on. Making this look nice on the rendered map is the business of the renderer, and data must not be misrepresented just to look nice - remember that there are tons of different renderers, and there are also routing engines for which certain aspects of the data are of critical importance to navigate the junction.

Also, you have been made aware of the problems with your edits and you have reacted in a defiant way; but OSM is a community project where we all have to work together. If you find that a significant number of users disagree with your work, you cannot just ignore them and continue. You must enter a dialogue and search for a solution together.

Your account is not blocked and you can continue editing normally after you have logged in. I must ask you, however, to refrain from your way of visually "polishing" junctions in the future, and discuss the matter with your fellow mappers on the talk-au mailing list.

If you continue with this kind of edits, we will have to block your account.

Frederik Ramm a.k.a. woodpeck
for the Data Working Group