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Reason for block:

Hello saigon2k1,

Please contact OSM’s Data Working Group by email at with a subject line of “[Ticket#2022032210000232]”. We have tried to contact you via private message but it appears that those messages were not received.

When we’ve received that message and have been able to discuss your edits with you we’ll revoke this block.

Best Regards,

Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM’s Data Working Group.

Ciao saigon2k1,

Si prega di contattare il gruppo di lavoro sui dati di OSM tramite e-mail all’indirizzo con oggetto “[Ticket#2022032210000232]”. Abbiamo provato a contattarti tramite messaggio privato ma sembra che quei messaggi non siano stati ricevuti.

Quando avremo ricevuto quel messaggio e saremo stati in grado di discutere le tue modifiche con te, revocheremo questo blocco.

Distinti saluti,

Andy Townsend, a nome del gruppo di lavoro sui dati di OSM

Edit: The mapper has been in discussion with the DWG but has not been able to give an assurance that they won’t in future map in a way that causes similar issues to the one that caused the previous reports and this block. The offer still stands; if they can agree to avoid future issues of this type then we’ll revoke this block.