about 8 years ago
23 hours
Ended about 8 years ago.
Reason for block:

Dear user Perimex,

you have been made aware of reservations that the Polish community has towards your edits. You have chosen to ignore not only those reservations, but also Data Working Group’s strong recommendation to reconcile with the community before you make further edits.

The edits you are now making are exactly of the kind that was causing problems with other Polish mappers in the past - unilaterally changing highway types.

Please stop doing that until you can reach an agreement with the Polish OSM community. Your edits might seem correct to you but they are not helpful if they are not accepted by the community.

I will now block your account for 24 hours but if you continue your disputed edits after that block is over, you will be blocked for longer.

Please do not write to me to explain that your edits are right. Whether or not your edits are right is not the issue here; the issue is that your edits cause unrest in the Polish community. Reach an agreement with them.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm a.k.a woodpeck
OSMF Data Working Group