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Reason for block:

Dear Map builder user,

in spite of having received advice to the contrary, you are making wide-ranging contributions to OSM through a proxy user.

Your reasoning for this is that you want to shield the individual users’ identities due “because of Legal and Privacy reasons”. This is not acceptable to OSM since we need to know who has made which changes - we don’t need their real identity but we need to know that the person who made change X also made change Y - for quality control reasons.

Also, we need to be able to reach the individuals behind a change, and request clarifications or point out errors, and be able to block their account when they do not react. Problems with “Map builder user” changesets have been pointed out by the community via changeset comments in the past ( without there ever being a reaction even though we explicitly pointed out the importance of communication to you beforehand.

In your user profile you claim that edits are manually verified but this is obviously not true, at least they are not verified before they are committed to OSM (

In addition, your machine-generated changeset comments are useless. A changeset comment is supposed to be an additional channel of information that conveys why or how the user made a change and what they believe they changed - a changeset comment like “Deleted: Traffic Signals, Path, Service Road, Building, School Grounds; Modified: Trunk Link (8), Trunk Road (42), Primary Link (3), Straight Ahead Only (2), Traffic Signals (11), Motorway (7), Motorway Link (2), Highway Feature (3), Minor/Unclassified Ro” is a slap in the face for anyone who looks at it.

I am afraid this experiment cannot go on in its present form. I am blocking your account now until you find a way to solve these issues. Please note that any attempt to create an alternate account and continue with that will be viewed as serious vandalism.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm
OSMF Data Working Group