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Reason for block:

Dear user osmmaker,

you have recently made mechanical edits to a number of Marks&Spencer stores. It is obvious that you did not look at the individual objects that you have changed, because you made edits like adding a web site tag to a Marks&Spencer parking garage.

As you know, any kind of mechanical edit (where you do not look at the individual objects you change, but simply add tags to a large number of objects) needs to be discussed beforehand to avoid exactly these kinds of mistakes.

I am reverting your Marks&Spencer edits. Please refrain from making this sort of edit in the future. Also, please use proper changeset comments - all your large-scale Marks&Spencer edits had the comment “update POI” which is not helpful at all.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm a.k.a. woodpeck
OSMF Data Working Group