almost 9 years ago
99 years
Ends in about 91 years.
Reason for block:


After a great deal of debate and discussion, the DWG has come to the decision that we feel that your pattern of edit wars with your fellow mappers, as well as your disrespectful language towards other mappers is disruptive to the project as a whole and we have no alternative other than to separate you from the project. Therefore we have placed an indefinite block on your account. An indefinite block does not have a set time length.

We do not take this decision lightly. We value your long history with the project and the many contributions you have made, but ultimately we believe that OSM is more than simply a data project, it is a community, and as a community our members should expect and receive a certain level of basic respect and politeness that you have continually refused to demonstrate.

The DWG is open to reversing this decision, but you would need to display a sincere desire to work harmoniously with the community, to discontinue the edit wars, and specifically to use respectful language towards your fellow mappers.

You can read the OSM Ban Policy at:

And you can read your the report that the DWG has made about this decision at:

Serge Wroclawski on behalf of the Data Working Group