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Hello Mario,

I’m sending this as a message that you have to read before continuing to edit. All of the sentiments expressed here have been passed on by me (and others) privately to you to no avail, leaving us no alternative but to send this publicly.

You have commented on a huge number of changesets by new mappers, as can be seen at . As we have previously told you, we (the DWG) have had complaints about the way that you have interacted with new mappers - it seems as if you have apparently put a number off OSM for life.

When people start doing something new, they make mistakes - that’s perfectly normal. With OSM, they need to find the best way of doing something. If I look back at something that I mapped 12 years ago I’m sure that I’ll find problems that need correcting - in fact if I resurvey somewhere I’ll find things that I missed the first time in pretty much all cases. OSM is and always has been an iterative process, and it is perfectly normal that the mapping of things gets better over time.

We appreciate that you care about the quality of data in OSM, but as a community, OSM’s most valuable commodity is new mappers. Anything that we do that might put people off mapping is detrimental to OSM as a whole - especially in less well-mapped areas.

There have been a number of occasions in the past where we’ve had complaints about the way that you’ve interacted with other mappers, and we’ve said to you (privately) that you need to change that behaviour. An example of something that I’ve said previously is:

I would suggest spending more time listening and less time talking (or typing).  Ask yourself "if I say this to a person, how will it make them feel?".

The debacle over the two Telegram channels in Panama is another example. Your actions have caused most people to leave the one that you are active in and move elsewhere - the vast majority of posts in the one that you are active in are now by you.

Clearly this isn’t healthy so we’d ask you to step back from your self-appointed role as “OSM gatekeeper” in Panama. Try not to pounce on every new mapper as soon as they make their tentative first few edits.

Something that I often say to people who get into arguments around OSM is “why is it happening to you?” Most OSM mappers go through life with barely a single discussion. Like Mikel said at (and I’ve said on numerous occasions) - it is something different that you are doing that is causing you to have these arguments. Some of the points that you are making may be valid, but some are clearly not. If you continue to pick an argument with everyone and everything, any valid points you make will be easily ignored.

Please read this message, and please take some time to digest what it is trying to say. Don’t immediately reply with a “rebuttal” - that is part of the problem. Take a few hours to think about it, and please moderate your behaviour accordingly. In particular ask yourself “is there anyone that I need to apologise to because of how I made them feel?”.

Best Regards,

Andy Townsend, from OSM’s Data Working Group