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Reason for block:

Dear user bryanpiczon,

you have recently made a number of questionable edits to OSM, mostly adding fictional data - examples:

  1. a nonsensical “UN administrative waters” in the English Channel:
  2. a spiraling “proposed industrial road”:
  3. a flight path:

Other mappers have contacted you about these problematic edits but you chose not to reply. Neither have you used changeset comments that would explain the nature of these edits if they are not vandalism.


  • immediately stop adding fictional data
  • always use changeset comments, but at the very least use them when you add something unusual
  • do not ignore messages sent by your fellow mappers.

This is a short term account block that serves just to make sure that you read this message before you continue; you are free to edit immediately after reading the message. However should we receive further complaints about you then we might have to consider a longer block.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm a.k.a woodpeck
for the OSMF Data Working Group.