Created: over 4 years ago

Status: Ended over 4 years ago.

Reason for block:


I noticed you conducting an import with changesets like

The import guidelines require that imports be done from a dedicated account, after consultation with the local community and imports@ and be documented on the wiki. This was not done here.

** This import was not done from a dedicated account. **

** Neither the imports@ list nor talk-pl@ were contacted **

** There are obvious tagging problems (multiple houses in one multipolygon, house constructed out of many two-node ways, individual nodes tagged building=yes etc.) **

** There is no wiki documentation **

Because of these problems I'm going to go ahead and revert these imports.

You may want to contact the imports@ mailing list who may be able to offer technical support to help you.

To contact me you can email the data working group.

Frederik Ramm a.k.a. woodpeck
for the Data Working Group