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Hello Warofdreams,

Just sending you this message as one that you have to read before continuing to edit because you appear not to be aware of the many comments that have been made on your changesets. These comments will have been emailed to you and you can also see them at . I’m mentioning it because some of the comments there (and not just the ones from me) do seem somewhat repetitive - the same problems are cropping up again and again.

OpenStreetMap is a shared project and we need to work together to create the best map. It’s important that when someone has (like in ) taken note of which buildings were demolished 5 years ago and which weren’t or (like in ) said which pubs are actually shut that you don’t undo their work by simply ignoring other people’s work.

Once you’ve read this message you’ll be able to continue to edit, but please do reply to any questions asked in changeset discussion comments and do take on board the other comments made.

Best Regards,

Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM’s Data Working Group