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Reason for block:

Dear joserrg12,

the DWG would like to discuss your data sources with you. You are adding a massive amount of data all over Panama and Costa Rica, and you rarely specify any sources. Attempts by other mappers to engage you have mostly failed; in Panama it appears that you have been using data from ANATI/IGNTG which is not a legal source. We might have to remove all your edits in Panama.

I am concerned that you might be using similarly unsuitable third-party data sources in your other edits as well. The data you add cannot conceivably come from imagery, and it also seems unlikely that you are surveying that much.

We’d also like to learn more about your background; you seem to be mapping all day, every day, which is an admirable dedication if you do it as a hobby, but if you’re doing this as part of a paid job then the organised editing guidelines require you to explain on your profile page what exactly your job is and whom you are working for.

Can you please pause your mapping for a while, and email explaining what you are doing and which sources you are using in addition to aerial imagery?

Thank you
Frederik Ramm
OSMF Data Working Group