Created: almost 5 years ago

Status: Ended almost 5 years ago.

Reason for block:

Dear user kijlhfvcj,

we suspect that you are the same person who used the account "hdfgdfgbdfd", and that you have created this account to circumvent the block we have put on the other one.

The correct way to get rid of the block is to talk to us, instead of creating new accounts. We're hearing complaints from other users about your mapping, and if you continue your behaviour we will have to treat it as vandalism.


  • do not create any new accounts
  • talk to us and explain what you are aiming at, why you make so many wrong edits across the globe
  • do not continue editing until the matter is resolved
  • respond to other mappers when they have questions

Thank you Frederik Ramm, for the OSMF Data Working Group