Created: almost 5 years ago

Status: Ended almost 5 years ago.

Reason for block:

Dear user erickdeoliveiraleal,

you have deleted a large amount of data in Gama, Brazil. When contacted by users, you wrote to them:

"I have a team working on conversion tools, is being finalized, which will import a lot of data that already exist in our country. In a format called GTM."

Please note:

  • It is never acceptable to delete data from other mappers just because you want to import data.

  • If you want to import data, you need to discuss this in advance on the "imports" mailing list. You cannot simply do it without talking to people.

I am reverting your recent deletions now. You can subscribe to the imports mailing list at

Under no circumstances must you run any automated software against the OSM database without making contact with the community first, and discussing what exactly you are planning to do.

Thank you Frederik Ramm for the OSMF data working group