Created: about 5 years ago

Status: Ended about 5 years ago.

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you have once again changed the "place" tag of a couple of very small settlements to "city". You have send me personal messages saying "Don't Change Into United States No More" and you have created a changeset comment of "Don't change anything" (

It seems that there is a deep misunderstanding here.

OpenStreetMap is a collectively created database of facts (not fiction).

The common use of the "place" tag is documented on our Wiki here: For "place=city", the page says: "The largest urban settlements in the territory, normally including the national, state and provincial capitals."

You have applied place=city, among other things, to a hamlet by the name of "Grappes Bluff" in Louisiana, which is certainly not among the largest urban settlements in its area.

Please understand that what you contribute to OSM has to be based in fact. OSM is not for fiction, and if you want to invent cities you will have to do that elsewhere.