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Reason for block:

Dear rjamz26 and TagaSanPedroAko

you are involved in an edit war about road classifications in the greater Manila area.

TagaSanPedroAko, you are reclassifying a lot of roads and it is unclear to me what your sources or motivations for this are. Is this something that might perhaps need discussion with the wider community, especially since you say you don’t even currently live there? Please stop reclassifying any roads until we have established a consensus in the local community. I might have to undo the reclassifications that you have made pending a decision.,

rjamz26, you seem to object to TagaSanPedroAko’s actions but you simply revert their edits with a comment of “mayapa road” which does not explain what your issue is. Please stop these reverts, and instead if you have an issue, comment on the other mapper’s changeset first, and if that doesn’t help, contact the DWG.

Edit wars are not helpful to anyone, and if an edit war happens, then both parties are to blame.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm
OSMF Data Working Group