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Reason for block:

Dear users mspray1 to mspray15:

You appear to be mapping buildings in a concerted effort in Zambia.

There are some problems with your mapping.

First of all, please use changeset comments that can be read and understood by human beings. “reveal enumeration#malaria elimination” is not such a comment - it doesn’t tell us what you’re doing!

Second, you appear to be using some process or plugin or technique that often accidentally leads to the “squaring” of large landuse or water areas. In the past this has happened wit Lake Kariba, Lake Mweru (in 72265552 by mSpray11) and a reservoir near the town of Luanshya. These errors had to be fixed by other members of the community; please try and be mor e careful when editing.

Since these mistakes were made by different users of your group, we would like to discuss the problem with the project lead. Sadly, it is not apparent from your user accounts or ch angeset comments whom to contact in the case of problems.

OSM has a policy on organised edits ( which requests that organised editing efforts be documented on t he Wiki, and that individual accounts used in the project should be somehow linked to the documentation so that in situations like this we know whom to speak to.

A massive project like yours with many thousands of changesets should really be following the guidelines. Please read the PDF and try to adhere to the rules. We’re happy to help (at if you should have any questions.

Thank you Frederik Ramm OSMF Data Working Group