about 3 years ago
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Ended about 3 years ago.
Reason for block:

Dear WojtekK,

five years ago you were made aware of our import guidelines, but two weeks ago you conducted another import in Nepal that was fraught with problems, and you ignored community attempts to contact you about it. I am therefore reverting your OCHA place name import in Nepal.

The import suffers from:

(a) lack of discussion with the community or documentation

(b) unclear license - as the terms of use require „Compilation or creation of derivative works from these Materials is subject to the inclusion of credit to the source of the Materials used (which may or may not be OCHA)“.

(c) introducing countless place node duplicates (lack of conflation with existing data), and very bad positional accuracy (errors of hundreds of meters are not uncommon)

(d) using tags derived from metadata of the source shape file which are undocumented or pointless (various is_in tags, “hlcit:code”, “unocha:pcode”, “unocha:vil_code”, “unocha:vname”)

These things should be fixed before you attempt another import; please discuss on the imports mailing list.

Thank you
Frederik Ramm
OSMF Data Working Group